Sex...and more

Black Girl Experience (iOS ) - The podcast about sex & relationships from the Black Girl Experience

Champagne Stories (soundcloud) - iOS - Each week, 5 young millennial women get together and share hilarious stories/ opinions about sex, society, and relationships.

CockTales: Dirty Discussions (Podomatic) - iOSCockTales: Dirty Discussions is hosted by Kiki and Shayla Raye, two single black women who give uncensored accounts about their sex and dating lives, relationships, and what it's really like to be single in Atlanta. The women both have different backgrounds and different goals in terms of relationships. Here you get to listen in on the sometimes dirty discussions of this mismatched duo.

Do This 4 Life (speaker) - Join me as I encourage ladies on how to do love, relationships, family, nation building and good sex 4 life. New episodes every Wednesday.

Down for Whatever (libsyn) - Down for Whatever is a sexuality podcast featuring sex-positive interviews with real people about their real sexual experiences. With candor and humor, sex coach and expert Myisha Battle helps to demystify modern sexual dilemmas by highlighting the experiences and expertise of her guests who represent a wide spectrum of sexual identities, orientations and backgrounds.

Fix Your Sex (Buzzsprout) - iOS - Google PlayFix Your Sex podcast is an exploration into sex and intimacy. It's a conversation that helps us to open doors to sexual freedom and exploration, helping us all to think more openly about shared sexual experiences.

Here For It (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Colorful commentary on LGBT health and wellness with sex specialist @TheeSupaman and culture blogger @RonaldMatters.

Inner Hoe Uprising - iOS - soundcloud - A funny podcast about sex, love, and dating from the perspective of one black, feminist, 20something and her weekly co-hoes.

Just The Tip Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - ‘Just The Tip’ is a biweekly sex positive podcast for those who want more. Join Georgette and her special guests as they go deeper into sex related topics and discussions; because really who wants just the tip.

Kinks with KeKe (soundcloud) - iOS - Kinks with KeKe is a weekly podcast that breaks down a kink of the week through education, advice and my past experience.

Leda's Letters After Dark (iOS) - Leda Rose is the host Leda's Letters After Dark. A black queer erotica with a little comedy! A Narrative Podcast. This show is for mature audiences only.

Lip Service Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Welcome to Angela Yee's Lip Service Podcast, home to the realest talk about sex and relationships in hip-hop! 

Love Junkie: Recovery for Sex Addicts, Love Addicts, & Codependents - iOS - libsynThe "Love Junkie" podcast is dedicated to giving hope and practical tips to those who struggle with love addiction, sex addiction, codependency, and trauma.Every week, we will explore either a problem area and give advice on how to work through it, focus on a tool to build positivity and abundance in your life, or feature the story of someone who's been trapped in these addictive patterns and overcome.

Love Lust & BadAss Soul (Speaker) - iOSLove, Lust and Badass Soul is a podcast that provides personal "life based" advice on building & maintaining healthy, intimate relationships and sexual & personal intimacy. Through weekly discussion topics, answering listener submitted questions & emails and staying on top of trending issues in the dating world, our goal is to provide answers, solutions and feedback based on our own personal, experiences, in a relatable, comfortable & sometimes comical manner.

Showgirl Sunday Dinner (soundcloud) - iOS - Showgirl Sunday Dinner is a weekly, sparkly burlesque podcast about three Black showgirls living, loving training and performing in San Diego and beyond from an unapologetically Black femme perspective.

The Love Examiner - iOS - Google Play - Tune in weekly with relationship analyst and content creator, Mr. Black for wildly candid, tipsy examinations of LOVE, SEX, & POP CULTURE.

Toxic Heart (iOS) - Co-ed hosts Sean Myles and B. Addison discuss relationships of all varieties, sex, love, and everything in-between. Sometimes controversial, often funny, and always fun.

The Sexually Liberated Woman (soundcloud) - iOS - The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast highlights, celebrates, and encourages the sexually liberated woman—not just the idea of her, but her true-blue erotic empowerment in the flesh. Hosted by sex writer and sexuality doula Ev'Yan Whitney, this podcast features laid back discussions with sex positive babes and other sexually liberated women she adores.

Unadvised Opinion (soundcloud) - iOS - Giving a new voice to old subjects with their Unadvised Opinions. On topics ranging from Useful Sex Education, Adulting, Dating, Singledom, Married life, and even Tip Etiquette.

VagEsteem - soundcloudThe VagEsteem podcast encourages listeners to engage in courageous conversations about sex, love, relationships, sexuality, and everything in between! The host, Vanessa, is a sex-ed teacher, who wants folks to laugh while learning about sex! Join us for sex news, interviews with special guests, and our newest segment, "Mansplains it All".

Who Do You Kink You Are (soundcloud) - iOS - A podcast designed to give women of color a place to share their stories of dating and sex exploration. We hope that by talking about sex openly we can help other people get more comfortable about their personal wants and desires.